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#Oracle University Expert Summit Berlin 2016

Join us in Berlin, 18th – 20th April. The event will take place at the Adlon Hotel with Jonathan Lewis, Pete Finnigan, Christian Antognini, Javier de la Torre Medina and myself as speakers. We have over 70 enrollments already, so take action to secure your seat in time!

Expert Summit Berlin 2016

My topic will be Rolling Upgrade from 11g to 12c, with a special focus on doing it with Transient Logical Standby. In a live demonstration I will start with a Primary and a Physical Standby Database both running in Maximum Availability protection mode using the Data Guard Broker. This is likely one of the most common setups today. We will then see how to upgrade this configuration to with minimum downtime.

When I did this seminar before during another Expert Summit in Dubai, I was still using as the initial release, then upgrading it to It took me some time and effort to update my demo environment and the lessons to cover more recent and meanwhile more relevant versions. Hope to see you there:-)

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FREE webinar about Advanced #Oracle Database Administration

On behalf of Oracle University, I will be delivering a free webinar, Tuesday 26th January 2016:

Expect live demonstrations as the major content – I promise to keep the marketing part to a minimum:-)


Happy New Year 2016!

Another year has passed. I take the opportunity to thank you for visiting and to wish you a Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!

In case you didn’t recognize: That is supposed to look like fireworks, The Oracle Instructor style😉

2015 was a great year for with 345,000+ views and the crossing of the one million hits threshold. Top countries with more than 4,000 views in 2015 were

Visitors 2015

Visitors came from 202 countries, even China is on the list this year with 1,500+ views.

Hope to see all of you again here in 2016:-)



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