How to add a reserve node to an existing 2+0 #Exasol Cluster

After having installed a 2+0 Cluster in Hyper-V, now let’s expand that to a 2+1 Cluster.

Add the node as a VM first

Add another VM in Hyper-V with the same attributes as the existing two data nodes n11 and n12 and name it n13:

  • 2500 MB memory, not dynamically extending
  • Legacy network adapter, connected to edu-cluster-interconnect
  • Network adapter, connected to edu-public-network
  • Boot order with legacy network adapter first
  • Two hard disk of type VHDX with max. size 100 GB

Give it a static MAC for the Legacy Network Adapter 08:00:27:58:03:21 and a static MAC for normal Network Adapter 08:00:27:71:27:26 and make sure they do not conflict with other existing MAC addresses in your environment.

Copy an existing node in EXAoperation

Go to the nodes branch and click on the link under n11:

On the nodes detail page, click on Copy:

Enter 13 as the node numbers and change the MAC addresses as listed above, then click on Copy Node:

Click on the n0013(13) link and check the disk configuration of the new node. It should look like this:

Don’t forget to set the install flag

On the nodes branch, tick the checkbox of node n13 and Execute the action Set install flag for it:

The state changes to Unknown To install. Now power on n13 in Hyper-V.

After a while the logservice should display the new node getting installed:

This can be time consuming (took me more than 30 Minutes on my notebook ) but in the end, it lists: Boot process finished after x seconds. When you refresh the nodes branch then, the state of the node n13 changes to Running To Install.

Now tick the checkbox of n13 again and Execute the action Set active flag:

The state changes to Running Active for n13, same as for the other nodes. Notice that you can’t tell from this page if a node is an active node or a reserve node.

Add the disk capacity of the new node to the storage service

On the Storage branch, tick the checkbox for n13 and click on Add Unused Disks:

Add the new node as reserve node to the running database

On the database detail pages, click Edit and add n13 as a Reserve node, then click Apply:

The database should look like this now:

Notice that you didn’t need to shutdown the database to add a reserve node to it.

Now your cluster has been extended to a 2+1 Cluster. Next article will explain how you can enlarge the database and make this a 3+0 Cluster.

Stay tuned 🙂


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