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#Exasol’s annual conference in Berlin #XP18

We have had our annual conference Xperience in Berlin again – it was an amazing event with a packed agenda full of customer success stories and technical news. This year at the Umspannwerk.

Umspannwerk Berlin

My assumption is that we will need a larger location next year because of our constant growth – it was a bit tight already this time 🙂

Many great talks have been presented, so just a few highlights from my point of view:

Our CEO Aaron Auld delivered an inspiring kick-off talk together with CTO Mathias Golombek

Keynote Aaron & Mathias

I liked in particular when he told us that boring old reliable technology like RDBMS is still relevant and worth to be improved – this is what we do for a living in the end.

Great success story by Magnus Slind-Näslund from Dailymotion who reported significant performance improvements due to the usage of Exasol!


Similar the experience shared by Steve Templeton from Arby’s Restaurant Group who came all the way from the US to tell us:


One highlight on day 2 was the presentation by Jens Graupmann about our future roadmap and what’s new in version 6.1 of Exasol

Jens Graupmann

Another was the excellent talk and live demo of DBVisualizer by Thomas Bestfleisch:

Thomas Bestfleisch

We learned that Exaplus will be replaced by DBVisualizer as our standard SQL client starting from version 6.1 and for good reason, because the latter is far more powerful as Thomas showed.

Many more great presentations were to be seen of course. And one common denominator from all the customer presentations and all conversations with customers I encountered was how satisfied they are with the Exasol technology, the striking performance and especially also with the attitude our staff demonstrates towards them.

Be it with consulting or support, our customers feel they are valued by us and their demands and (rare) complaints are taken serious. This is something we must keep up in the future throughout our growth! Aaron rightly emphasized that in his goodbye talk at the end of this great event.



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