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#Accenture #Enkitec Group at #ukoug_tech17

The circus moves on to Birmingham again! You know that this is one of the must-be-there events of the Oracle community, right?

The Accenture Enkitec Group is there with 6 speakers:

Jason Arneil with two talks: Beginners Guide to Oracle IaaS Cloud and An Introduction to Sharding

Martin Bach: The Answer to the Ultimate Question of SQL, Performance Tuning & Everything

Andy Colvin: Deploying Exadata Cloud Machine – What’s it Really Like?

Frits Hoogland: Who Shut my Database Down? Options for a Security Post Mortem Investigation in the Cloud

and on Super-Sunday he delivers all about linux memory usage by the oracle database

David Kurtz: Making Materialised Views Great Again

and myself: Real-Time Materialized Views in 12c and Fast-Start Failover Enhancements in 12c

See you soon 🙂


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