How to speed up Data Vault Query Performance

Data Vault is just too slow?

You think Data Vault is a great model but you struggle with query performance?

Use Exasol as a Platform!

We have the remedy: Use our analytical database Exasol as a platform and query performance problems with Data Vault disappear.

What’s the problem with Data Vault?

The Data Vault model comes with an increased number of tables and joins. Other data warehouse platforms likely have a problem to deliver acceptable query performance with that.

Exasol solves that problem!

Exasol on the other hand is very good with joins even on many tables. We use columnar storage and we always compress data. And our database is designed to do MPP with commodity hardware.

With these attributes, combining Data Vault with Exasol delivered the best query performance for that model already using earlier versions of Exasol. And for a very reasonable price, if I may add that.

Even faster now with Exasol 7.0

Now with the release of Exasol 7.0, Data Vault performance got even better, thanks to the introduction of the HASHTYPE datatype for hash join columns and several improvements on JOIN operations.

Curious? Take action!

You want to see for yourself? Download our free Community Edition and run a test.

I bet we beat any other platform you have in place at the moment when it comes to query performance on a Data Vault model!

We’re also happy to do a PoC with your data and your queries.

As I like to say: Don’t believe it, test it 🙂


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