Free online courses to learn about #Exasol

Why should you bother? Because Exasol is the fastest analytical database in the world, outperforming any competitor. Therefore, expertise about Exasol might soon be very valuable also in your company.
Free training helps us to spread the knowledge in a scalable way, empowering customers across the globe to get the best out of Exasol and supporting our rapid growth.

Visit to see our training & certification curriculum. The free online courses are branded as “Exacademy”:

My favorites are the Admin courses there  🙂 You will create your own virtualized Exasol Cluster on your local machines if you go through Admin Essentials + Admin on premises. I know having your personal sandbox can be very instructive because that’s what I was using myself to better understand Exasol clusters before developing these courses.

When I create course material, I always ask myself: What would I want to get from this course if I attended it? And that’s what I try to put in: To the point, no nonsense, just stuff that works and helps to understand. Hope you find it useful 🙂


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