The making of Training On Demand

This week, my Oracle University course Exadata Database Machine Administration Workshop in Düsseldorf got recorded for our new delivery format Training On Demand (TOD). I write this to give you an impression how that is done and what TOD means. In essence, we take a live class as it is delivered in an Oracle University education center to the attendees and record it. Plans are to do a lot of these recordings also in local language, which was German in this case.

In order to enable TOD, we had to plug in a special video card into the instructors machine that can send the monitor signal directly to the camera. My Delivery Manager Theo and I did that on the Friday before the course – long time ago that I opened a PC for maintenance. This turned out to be a mistake, because the (Linux-based) course module did not build correctly. When the video crew arrived from the US on Sunday, they could not do the setup for the teacher PC therefore. We had to plug the card out and trigger again the course module build, which takes extremely long for this particular course. We needed to continue the setup including the plugin on Monday (was incidentally a holiday in Germany). On Tuesday we were prepared to record when the course started.

The attendees have been notified before that this course will have a video crew inside recording and they needed to sign a paper that they agree with this. The video crew takes care that none of the attendees shows up on video and their questions are not recorded either. Only the instructor gets a microphone. I needed to repeat the questions during my answers so that the TOD attendees later on know what I am talking about. Also I took care to do better readable sketches on the whiteboard. Apart from that, it was to me not so different from an ordinary course. I do pretty much self-reflection and self-control anyways, so it was not really an effort for me to take care about my words, knowing they will be recorded…

The attendees at least were quite pleased with the course and gave us a 100% delivery score for it. Below you see a picture that I took during the course. It shows (left to right) Toine (Senior Marketing Programs Manager – Self Study & Certification), Nicole (Marketing Director OU EMEA), David and Dan (Video Crew).

You can tell from the smiling faces that this shooting was done in a very pleasant atmosphere – would do it again anytime with these guys 🙂

Addendum: See here the now available ToD course that was made from the recording.


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