#Exasol dominates #Datawarehouse benchmarks – again!

The TPC-H benchmark is an independent measurement tool for data warehouse performance. Exasol dominates this benchmark since 2008 and has delivered record breaking results in 2021, justifying once again our claim to provide the world’s fastest in-memory analytic database.

We took part in the data volume categories 10 TB, 30 TB and 100 TB this time and set the mark for both performance and price per performance.

That means we’re not only the fastest but also the least expensive analytics database you can get that delivers a similar performance.

We were running with a 20 nodes cluster, nodes being Dell PowerEdge R6525 servers with AMD EPYC 7543 processors.

Truth be told, you don’t see the big names of the industry participating in that TPC-H benchmark these days. No Teradata, Oracle, Snowflake and the likes took part in recent years. That’s a pity, because an independent fair comparison would help customers immensely to make an informed choice for their analytics platform.

My guess is: They just hate to be blown out of the water by us each time they compete 🙂

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