Happy New Year 2017!


An interesting year has passed and 2017 awaits us. My best wishes to you and your families – have a great and happy New Year 🙂

2016 saw this site crossing the threshold of 1.5 Million hits. Thanks to all you visitors from around the world! The top five articles in 2016 have been

  1. adrci: A survival guide for the DBA
  2. Turning Flashback Database on & off with Instance in Status OPEN
  3. Reorganizing Tables in Oracle – is it worth the effort?
  4. Retrieve SQL and Execution Plan from AWR Snapshots
  5. Common Users & SYSDBA with #Oracle 12c Multitenancy

You may have noticed that I changed the branding of uhesse.com to Uwe Hesse | about Database Technology in order not to limit my scope to educational topics like the former The Oracle Instructor label did to some degree.

On the right upper corner of this site, you see now buttons to connect with me on LinkedIn and Xing – I decided to pay some more attention to that platform which is popular mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Momentan führt bei mir LinkedIn (1930 Kontakte) mit großem Abstand vor Xing (167 Kontakte). Klicken Sie hier Uwe Hesse um dies Verhältnis zugunsten von Xing zu verbessern 🙂

If you wonder, the above was a call for action to connect with me on Xing in German.

Another planned new feature for 2017 is the launch of my own YouTube channel. Stay tuned, watch me becoming an irresistible social media force  😉

  1. #1 by Rajendra Singh Chauhan on December 31, 2016 - 13:58

    Wish You A Very Happy New Year …. Thanks for choosing good topics … requesting an article on Private/shared strands ,Log Parallelism , log file sync and cpu_count all are connected .

  2. #2 by Viraj Mokadam on January 1, 2017 - 09:11

    Thank you very much. Wishing you and your family a great year ahead 🙂

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