New mean demo machine

My new Notebook is there! Will spend a couple of hours to do the setup. The specs are quite promising:

Intel Core i7-6700 | 4 Cores | 8 Threads | 3,4 – 4,0GHz
32GB  SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM 2400MHz Crucial Ballistix Sport LT
6 TB SSD Storage:
1TB m.2 Crucial MX300
1TB m.2 Crucial MX300
2TB Seagate FireCuda | 5400U/Min | 7mm
2TB Seagate FireCuda | 5400U/Min | 7mm

Okay it did cost me a fortune. See the new one on the left:


But that baby should allow for two 2-Node Clusters running with Virtualbox VMs plus a Cloud Control VM. Want to have my own Maximum Availability lab – and it’s still less expensive and easier to transport than an Oracle Database Appliance 😉

  1. #1 by alexandruneda on December 8, 2016 - 12:08

    Oh wow, that is really a mean demo machine! 🙂
    How did you fit two M2s and two SATAs in that?

  2. #3 by alexandruneda on December 8, 2016 - 17:02

    Nice! That’s a lot of storage though … happy VM-ing! 🙂

  3. #4 by nandaas on December 8, 2016 - 22:37

    Gr8. May i know the Brand/Model of the New Laptop? I have been trying to simulate this setup and already have setup 2 Node RAC on my Lenovo W510 with 250G SSD & 24G RAM, but it works ok

  4. #5 by oraclebase on December 8, 2016 - 23:51

    Does it come with a back brace to stop you getting curvature of the spine when carrying it? 🙂



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