uhesse.com in 2014 – a Review

Better than ever

2014 brought a new high water mark with 282,000 hits!

Meanwhile, uhesse.com gets over 1,000 hits per day on average.

Who are the referrers?

The vast majority of visitors came to uhesse.com via google searches: 163,000

On a distant second place is Twitter: 2,500 visitors came from there

Facebook and LinkedIn each lead 800 visitors to uhesse.com

400 visitors came from jonathanlewis.wordpress.com – thank you, Jonathan!

Where did uhesse.com refer to?

As a good employee, I sent 1,500 visitors to education.oracle.com and 1,300 to oracle.com 🙂

About 600 each went to jonathanlewis.wordpress.com and blog.tanelpoder.com, while richardfoote.wordpress.com got 350 visitors

Nationality of the visitors

They came from almost everywhere, the full list contains 200 countries in total – isn’t the internet a great thing?

Vistors of uhesse.com by nationality

Thank you all for visiting – I hope you come back in 2015 again 🙂

  1. #1 von Santi am Januar 1, 2015 - 03:29

    Happy new year uhesse.

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