Oracle University Instructors at DOAG 2013: The Program

My dear colleague Joel Goodman and me will present at the DOAG (German Oracle User Group) Annual Conference 2013; I’m already excited about it 🙂

Logo of the DOAG 2013 (German Oracle User Group annual conference)

Apart from seeing presentations by top-notch Oracle Experts, I’m also looking forward to meet people in person that I know already from social media activity. The complete program is online here. My personal choice of presentations (a pity that I can’t see all) is

Day 1 (19-NOV)

DB Time-based Oracle Performance Tuning: Theory and Practice by Graham Wood, Oracle

Instant DB Cloning by Kyle Hailey, Delphix

Session Keynote: Best Practices for Data Availability and Disaster Protection by Larry Carpenter, Oracle

Upgrading to Oracle 12c by Julian Dontcheff, Accenture

Keynote by Andy Mendelssohn, Oracle

RAC Global Resource Management Concepts by Joel Goodman, Oracle

Why and How You Should Be Using Policy-Managed Oracle RAC Databases by Mark Scardina, Oracle

Thinking Clearly about Performance by Cary Millsap, Method R Corporation

Day 2 (20-NOV)

Materialized Views & Partition Change Tracking, my rifle, pony and me

Arbeiten mit Pluggable Databases (Oracle Multitenant) in der Praxis by Mike Dietrich, Oracle

Exadata Database Machine – Die Konsolidierungsplattform by Malthe Griesel, Paragon Data GmbH

Statistics Gathering 101 by Wolfgang Breitling, Centrex Consulting Corporation

Achieving Availability and Scalability with Oracle 12c Flex Clusters by Kai Yu, Dell Inc

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 12c Best Practices by Markus Michalewicz, Oracle

Neue 12c Features für Datawarehouse by Frank Schneede, Oracle

Day 3 (21-NOV)

Best of Oracle Security 2013 by Alexander Kornbrust, Red Database Security GmbH

A Presentation of Sorts by Julian Dyke

Session Keynote: Simplify Consolidation with Oracle Database 12c by Patrick Wheeler, Oracle

Experten-Panel: Dataguard hosted by Matthias Mann, Christian Trieb

Instrumenting Oracle CPU activity: The Missing Link by Craig Shallahamer, OraPub

Query Optimizer 12c – Was ist neu? by Christian Antognini, Trivadis AG

Oracle Partitioning fuer Einsteiger by Hermann Baer, Oracle

If you plan to come to this event, this hotel is closest. Make your reservations early. Hope to see YOU at the conference 🙂

  1. #1 von Ronny Fauth am August 20, 2013 - 10:54

    yes, i am there. This year again as a speaker 😉

  2. #2 von Uwe Hesse am August 23, 2013 - 18:48

    Looking forward to see you again there 🙂

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