OU course formats

Oracle University (OU) course formats explained

Over the years, we have developed various different course formats, each for a good reason. This can be sometimes confusing for (potential) attendees as I know from many events where I talked about that topic with participants of my courses. If you want to get Education from Oracle University or if you are an  OU Sales person or Reseller, you may find the following brief explanation helpful.

Instructor-Lead Training (ILT) means that we have an Instructor who explains and demonstrates things live to the audience and answers questions. The audience interacts internally as well as with the Instructor.  The time scope is fixed to a certain period (usually up to 5 days) for all participants equally. For example from 26-AUG to 30-AUG each day from 9 AM to 5 PM London Time.

ILT comes in two formats:

Classroom Training

The traditional format that we have delivered from the start of OU. All participants are in the same room, interacting.

Live Virtual Class (LVC)

This may have the same content as Classroom Training, but it is delivered over the web. All participants interact, with the same hands-on labs like in Classroom Training and an Instructor explaining, demonstrating and answering questions.

Classroom Training respectively LVC can be delivered as a Public Event or Private Event.

Public Event means we have a course offered for anyone who wants to attend with Standard Content and Duration. It is paid per attendee.

Private Event means we have a course running exclusively for your company. It is paid per day. Makes typically sense for 4-5 or more attendees. The content may be also Standard, but we can also customize it regarding content and duration to your requirements. As a Classroom Training, the Private Event can take place at OU locations or at your site. LVC is also an option for a Private Event.

Oracle University course formats explained: ILT

In addition to ILT course formats, we offer also Self-Paced Courses which have the advantage that you can take these at your own preferred time and speed without having to leave the office.

The most recent of our Self-Paced offerings is Training On Demand (TOD), which is essentially the recording of a Public Event as Classroom Training. You see the class as it was delivered by an Instructor at an OU site to customers. There is no live interaction, instead you can do that course on your own and at your own pace. You get the same courseware and access to the lab environment as with the Public Event, though.

Finally, we have Self-Study Courses. There is no Instructor (not even recorded) and no hands-on lab environment included. Instead, you get the content “presented using the latest multimedia and instructional design methods”.

Self-Paced Oracle University course formats

When you want to get more information about OU courses, especially if you want to take one of the above formats, I suggest that you call the number for your country listed here. It is sometimes easier to call than trying to find & book that course over the web…

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