Getting started with VR Table Tennis

Difficult to play table tennis in real life (IRL) these days. I found this simulation:

Eleven TT is really close to IRL table tennis – I’m a club player myself and I was surprised how close this comes to reality! Check this YouTube channel to get an idea about the quality of the simulation. The guy who uploads these videos might be a bit too competitive sometimes, but he’s clearly a good player and challenges the best available opponents regularly.

The game itself costs 20 Euro, which is a real bargain for the great quality you get. Many will have no VR headset, though, and that’s a bit more expensive. I recommend the Oculus Quest 2 that works autonomously without a workstation and without wires. That’s about 400 Euro.

As IRL player, you will want to transfer as much of your skills as possible, which is why a paddle adapter is helpful. I recommend the Sanlaki F8 adapter.

They sell them, but also provide the 3d printer files for free so you can print it yourselves or let someone else print it for you. I ordered mine for 15 Euro (shipping included) via Treatstock (Black PLA, 20% fill) and find it quite useful.

So overall, you have to spend about 500 Euro to get started, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion:

A TT table + ballmachine would cost you more (if you have the space to place it at home). That is included in the game, as well as an AI opponent with configurable levels. That alone is worth it already. Given the choice, I’d favor the simulation over the IRL ballmachine – and I had one before, so I can compare.

In multiplayer mode, you can play against other human opponents across the world. Whenever you want to play table tennis, you’ll find an opponent without having to leave the comfort of your home. And you will never have to pick up a ball from the floor again 😉

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