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LVC Producers at #Oracle University

LVC stands for Live Virtual Class – this is how we call our courses done interactively over the internet. At Oracle University, we have a fine crew of people who take care that the attendees (as well as the instructor, sometimes) are not impacted by technical problems. This can be e.g. connectivity issues, browser incompatibilities, questions how to deal with the learning platform WebEx or which way to choose to access the remote lab environment. All that and more is handled by LVC producers, so that the instructor can focus on the educational matters. I really appreciate this separation of duties, because I find it already demanding enough to deliver high quality Oracle Technology classes!

Many of the LVC producers work from Bucharest, and they kindly invited me to visit them at their workplace today. I gladly accepted and we had the nicest chat up on the 6th floor – it was so cool to meet these guys in person that supported me so many times already! As you can see, this is a bright bunch :-)

LVC Producers from Bucharest

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#Exadata Smart Scan Introduction – recorded Webinar

You can now finally access my recorded presentation Exadata Smart Scan: What is so smart about it? Oracle University Free On Demand Mini-LVC 


We used the same WebEx platform as with our Live Virtual Classes for that one hour event, you may notice every now and then a question, asked by one of the attendees. Unlike with most LVCs, there is no practice environment present here, though.

I did that during lunch break of an 11g RAC course in Manchester, by the way.  The slides are here for download also.

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Advert: Free Exadata Webinar

(The Webinar referred to was held already on 09-DEC-2010)
Take the chance to subscribe to our free Exadata Webinar, following the Link below. I attended the internal version of it personally and guarantee that it is worth the effort!

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